Benefits To Writing Articles


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There are many benefits to writing articles.  But here we will briefly discuss 5 of them with you.  Marketing on the internet can be a very expensive and surely costly procedure, especially if you are trying to reach a very targeted audience.   The competition can be high.  A great way to drive targeted traffic to your website is by writing articles. Writing articles does not cost anything; only takes a little bit of time and effort to be put into it.  The benefits can be great in the long run.

Here are some of the benefits you can gain from writing articles:

Name branding

By writing articles, your website’s name will automatically become better known on the internet. The expertise incorporated into your articles will be associated with your website and this will establish your site on the internet in it’s brand or niche areas.  By submitting your articles to sites such as sites like usa free listings your articles are set in stone with the website. Whenever your website’s name is typed into a search engine, hundreds of pages will come up with your articles, with your link back to your site. This will boost your web traffic and boost people’s awareness of your site and increase it’s popularity.

Link popularity

With hundreds of webmasters publishing your articles on their site, and your link in your resource box, your link will appear on hundreds of sites all over the web. With many top search engines (especially google) using link popularity to determine how high sites appear in their rankings, link popularity is very important. This could spell great amounts of traffic for your website.  The more articles you write in the more sites you write them on, then the more chances of exposure you will receive.

Targeted traffic

If the articles you write are interesting and the reader enjoys what you write, they are very likely to try to find the source of the information.   Well in this case the source would be your actuall website link to the article.  They will turn to your resource box and look for a link back to your site where they will look to find additional information. This is the best type of traffic websites can get because these are visitors who are interested in exactly what your website offers, and they come into your site with a very positive attitude.  Not because they typoed a name or clicked a link on a similar site.

Building your own web presence

Making a name for yourself on the internet is very important if you wish to succeed on the internet and writing articles is a great way to build your web presence. A good web presence will give you credibility and will lead customers to trust you. This will give them the confidence to buy from you. A web presence will lead to other webmasters hearing about you and perhaps offering you with joint venture opportunities. This could ultimately lead to building very successful business relationships. If your writing is particularly good and you come to be known as an established writer, webmasters and ezine publishers may pay you to write content for them and this is a great way to make quick money.

Free advertising

Nowadays, advertising  is very expensive, especially in websites with a decent number of subscribers. Some webmasters pay hundreds of dollars for a tiny ad in a remote corner of a big forum or blog. By writing articles, your resource box is your ad space, and you get this space for free. In a big website, your resource box could be viewed by up to 100000 people and all for just a little time and effort spent writing the article.  In this case 5 to 10 minutes a day writing articles can go a long way.

Really, all webmasters who seriously want to improve their internet marketing strategy should definitely be writing articles. Just 10 well written articles can be transformed into thousands of web visitors. It is definitely worth the time spent writing the articles.  Who couldn’t use more target traffic to there website.

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