Earning Revenue For Charity


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USA Free Listings is big on charity.  Every year we will donate proceeds to a charity of the site users choice.  Now by site users choice we mean at the end of every year we will post a thread for charity submissions, and all the charities will go into a voting poll.   The users will vote and decide who the winning charity will be.  We will then donate to that charity on behalf of all the authors of USA Free Listings.  Now depending on how much revenue we bring in we may take the top so many charities and split it between them.

You may be asking how are we able to do this.  Let me explain.  Every time you post a new article to the website ads display on the articles page.  Now every time an ad is clicked it earns revenue.  We then take that revenue earned and apply it towards the charity donating program of course we do have to take out for expenses of running the website first.  Cause if we do not pay that bill none of this will be possible.  It may not be alot in the beginning or it may, but either way every penny we can donate counts.

The best way you can help out is continue posting new articles to the site, and referring others to do so also.  We have the social plus one and like features which allow you to post to many different social sites in one click.  we encourage that you share what you post using that method of course to help us grow.  The more we grow in content and authors the more chance we have of contributing more through your help.

If you have any questions or need assistance please leave a new post in the usa free listings help category. We will respond to it as soon as possible.